Coaching is about finding your voice.

Strengthening your client's voice starts with finding your own.

What messages are you sending about who you are and how you coach?


The (Same Old) Story

Communicating your message in a way that connects + resonates with the clients you most want to serve is one of the biggest struggles we encounter when building and growing our practices.

Finding the words to express who you are and what you do feels impossible, and the act of putting virtual pen to paper triggers anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration, which can make us want to give up.

Everything feels like a brag or a drag that's already been said better by someone else.

You're too close to the process, unable to take a step back.

You no longer have the luxury of perspective.


A Fresh Sheet of Paper

Communicating your message doesn't have to feel this way.

You can trade anxiety for ease, overwhelm for collaboration, and an identity crisis for crystal clarity.

When we work together to hone your message, the process shifts from excruciating to exhilarating.


A Conversation

Our partnership is all about dialogue.

We start by asking the essential questions to uncover your unique coaching voice + style.

Then, we craft your magnetic message to attract the clients you're meant to serve.


What's Possible

A blog

A book

A website

That's just the beginning of what I've created with other coaches, and what we can create together.

From editing to full-service copywriting, the options for your messaging + communication are limitless.


The Invitation

Communication geek confession:

Finding your unique voice is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

Join me for a conversation about growing your practice through authentic messaging that attracts your people. 


What coaches are saying...

Jenna is my go-to copywriter and editor for all projects, including my recent 300-page book and promotional materials. She arranges my words so they flow and sound like my voice with an upgrade. Jenna guides me gently with her professional advice, gives 100% to every project, and is a crucial part of my team.
— Cynthia Klein, Coach, Author, and Speaker