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10 Marketing ideas for Nutritionists and Dietitians with a private prcatice

We all know the importance and incredible outcomes that the internet can provide. Nowadays without having clear ideas about how you are going to market yourself online as a nutritionist or dietitian your business won’t grow. The same goes for offline marketing. Planning the key to success.

1. Claim and optimize your Google Business listing


To instantly get seen online by more people searching for a nutritionist or dietitian in your area you must claim and optimize your Google Business Listing (GMB).

You can see that this spot is so valuable that paid ads are being run just to show up at the top.

After you claim it you will need to add photos, your services, add products if you sell any, fill out the About Section, add your hours of operation, add your website, and finally get your past and current clients to leave you a review

You need about 15 images and 10 reviews to start seeing a huge boost in local awareness. Remember to continually ask for reviews. If potential clients see reviews from 3-5 years ago it might deter them from calling you.

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2. Create a free eBook that you can also print and hand out

To create a beautiful ebook you can use Before you go to Canva you should open a Google Doc or Word document and write a majority of your book there.

What should your book be about?

You can make it a compilation of the answers to the most common questions your clients ask you, how to put together healthier meals effortlessly, write about proper supplement usage, etc.

At the beginning of the eBook, you want to explain who you are and why you do what you do then immediately jump into the content your reader came for.

Once your ebook is done you can offer it on your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel, Website, etc in exchange for the users name and email this way you can market to them in the future.

To print the ebook and have physical copies to hand out you can go to a printing service like vista print or you can do it yourself with a program called booklet Creator which and be found at

3. Make a video series about the topics you get asked about a lot by your patients

You can make a video series about the topics you get asked about the most by your patients. If they are asking then other people out in the community or around the world are definitely asking the same things on Google.

These videos have the ability to transfer value to people without becoming one of your clients. Since these videos are based on questions you are commonly asked, you will be getting in front of people who are already looking for solutions that you are trained to solve. What is stopping a few of these viewers from deciding to work with you if you solve some of their problems online?

Make the videos, put them on YouTube, optimize them, and share the links with your clients, friends, and family, and then ask them to reshare or repost it. If you can provide value in a video, people will see the value in your services


4. Create partnerships with doctors and small business owners in your area

As you meet more business people and others in your field, you may notice that your operations may lead to some opportunities for collaboration. There is an infinite number of ways these sorts of situations can pan out. You may both work on an ebook, or maybe host an event. Fill in the gaps for each other, partner with someone different from you.

You will want to avoid partnering with someone who offers exactly what you do. Your clients should be able to benefit from your partners services as your partners clients should be able to benefit from your services.

5. Host an event/seminar

Host an event/seminar at your office, a Starbucks, a Panera Bread, or your local Library.

Use the app ‘Meetup’ to get your event in front of people. You might be surprised at the number of people that come to your event just from notifying people on meet-up and on your social media accounts.

It’s always good to plan these sorts of events. Handouts, centering the event around a hot topic, and similar things will give your event structure and ensure that you are providing value to anyone who shows up. Give the people who show up a taste of what it’s like to have their problems solved by a professional.

You also want to give people time to socialize a little, people are more likely to keep showing up if they have friends who are also going.

6. Document your clients’ process and create a case study to put online or put on a handout

Don’t let your results go unnoticed! Case studies are a really easy way to showcase your results, satisfied clients, and an in-depth view on what it’s like to work with you. A case study communicates a lot of the things people may want to know about what you do before they become a client.

Show them your process, and how it solved someone’s problem. Make the benefits of your services very clear, and be honest. The first step in making a case study is making your client happy.


7. Start a YouTube channel

Sometimes before people buy something that involves a lot of commitment, they may try doing it themselves. A Youtube channel is great because you can command a lot of attention by sharing some of the knowledge you have as a nutritionist. One video can show someone enough value to want to contact you for your services.

Also, this type of content is a great way to show someone value without charge. In the video description you can link to your existing content and ebooks or even some low barrier to entry products. If you are looking to get more people to pay you to help them do something such as lose weight, you might want to try focusing on teaching. Creating content like this is a great opportunity to get in front of people that are already looking for a solution.

8. Make shirts with your businesses name on it

Everyone can be a billboard advertisement when they are wearing a t-shirt with your business/practice on it. Even if it’s a shirt they only wear to sleep in or to get dirty, someone will see it and eventually ask them about it. This isn’t meant to get you consistent business, but it can certainly help with brand awareness.

9. Find someone with a large online following and ask to be mentioned on their account

We have personal friends who are nutritionists and people with social media accounts that have been involved in doing this. If done right, this can get you a ton of clients.

This works especially well if you do sports nutrition. We have a friend who posts about her weight lifting and fitness on Instagram. She made a post about her friend who is a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist and her friend got multiple clients from just that one post. 

Word of mouth will get you clients quicker than anything on this list. The best way to get people to talk about you is to do your job well, make people happy, and socialize as best as you can. 

10. Host a table and local fair or showcase

Imagine the number of people who have thought about using going to a nutritionist in your town, these people will most likely be at a local event. 

Getting permission for a table is easy and could even be free in some cases. People will walk by, see your brand and have a chance to ask you questions. They will be able to not only learn more about your brand, but get their questions answered in person by a professional.

All of these nutrition marketing ideas and strategies have been used by nutritionists and dietitians around the world to get clients. If you would like to take your nutritionist marketing to a new level, check out our free training on how to generate clients all by yourself. 

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Nourish your practice - Learn how to market your private practice online 1